Feed Your Soul.

Our main goal is to make the world better by spreading love in different ways. We're dedicated to this idea and always remember that love can bring positive changes as we do our work in a changing world.


TenGap.com is a marketing agency that offers web design & development, SEO, and social media management for startups, small/medium-sized businesses, e-commerce companies, and non-profit organizations.


PopHoe.com is a music promotion agency that offers radio promotion, music blog promotion, playlist promotion, social media promotion, and worldwide chart registration for new and established artists.


FabriAnn.com is an e-commerce store with nature inspired clothing. It plans to increase the number of products and categories in the future.


T-Ha.com is a transportation service that connects drivers and local guides with tourists. It plans to expand to other tourist destinations such as Asia & Europe.

We Spread Love

We want to make a big difference in the world, so we're giving money to various non-profit groups. By helping these organizations, we hope to do good things and make society better.

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